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About me

"I lost over 100 pounds /55 kg"

After 20 years of yo-yo dieting and trying every diet available I learnt that quick fix diets don't work.

I learnt how to keep and manage my weight by finding a way of eating I could follow for life along with our Override trainings.

Despite years of emotional eating due to a very stressful life I managed to conquer my life struggles!  

I took control of my thoughts!

 Instead of letting my thoughts have control over me, I took action and made a change. 

I used to turn to food for comfort and thought I was rewarding myself for a bad day but then I learnt how to change my thinking patterns.

Instead of thinking:

'I'm going to treat myself to some chocolate cake after this bad day' 

I changed to think: 

'will this chocolate cake make me feel better after I eat it?'


The answer was always NO! although I may have felt good during the time I was eating the cake......but afterwards I always felt so terrible, unhappy and annoyed with myself for eating it....... somethings this caused me to eat even more.

I thought enough was enough and worked on strengthening my mind, because lets face it, weight loss is a 'Mental Challange

It wasn't easy and there were some tears at times (maybe some swearing :)) but I concentrated on my goal and what I wanted to achieve.

'It's better to cry trying than sitting there crying at your wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit you any more'.


Everyone in my family is over weight with type 2 diabetes, both my parents have had heart attacks....... I do not want to follow in their footsteps!!

I made a change to become healthy in mind and body and if I can do it then so can you!!

can help you achieve the results you want by offering you free eating advice and support with our online films all the way through your 12 week program.  Just send us a message to get started :) 

Remember you deserve to become the best version of yourself.


With my own fb support group and professionally made Online Home Video Fitness Films, I will change your mental and physical apearance


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